Support Us

Obviously driving to Mongolia is not cheap. First of all we have bought a car with valid insurance and spent some money preparing it for the trip ahead. Since we have a car we also need to pay for fuel since we don’t want to push it all the way! There is also the substantial cost of acquiring visas, buying food, a plane ticket home and so on. Finally and most important, we are also raising money for the Cool Earth charity. We need to raise at least 1000£ but more is better.


We would be very honored if you would help us raise money for Cool Earth. We have set up a donation site to help us reach our goal. All donations are welcome!


For team sponsors we can offer:

  • Advertising space on our vehicle, except the space reserved for official stickers
  • Brand Logos on this website
  • Facebook posts involving sponsors
  • Blog content
  • Articles for local media
  • Product testing, for example cameras, camping equipment etc. (However we need approval from the Rally organization for the individual products)

We can send you sponsor material if you contact us at: [email][/email].


We need all sorts of equipment and if you are willing to give or lend us some, we would be very happy and grateful. Here is a list of stuff we need:

ItemQuantityDonated By
Folding Chairs2Gudrun, Iben & Magnus
First Aid Kit1Gudrun, Iben & Magnus
Multi Fuel Stove1
Freeze dried camping food10+Morten
Foldable Shovel1Gudrun, Iben & Magnus
Tow rope1Gudrun, Iben & Magnus
Spare Wheels2
Car Jack1
Car tyre puncture repair kit1
Fire extinquisher1Gudrun, Iben & Magnus
Snow chains1 (a set for all wheels)
CB radio1Morten Knudsen
Plane ticket (Ulanbaataar to Europe)2
12V-220V Power converter1
Car Cooling Box