FTZ is a major distributor of auto parts and tools in Denmark. They have donated some of the spare parts on the old Micra.
PurenoAutoBranchen Danmark was our first official sponsor, for that we are very happy. The firm is a trade association that represents 900 individual car dealers etc.
PurenoPureno is a professional supplier of Clean and Care chemicals. They have bought a big sticker on the hood of the car, it will look awesome.
ZeuxionZeuxion is a highly specialized Chip Design House in the telecommunications field. We will bring their name to Mongolia for all to see, they have bought space on the side of our roof rack-
Det Nye AllerødDet Nye Allerød is all about local politics and not drawn out ideological discussions etc. It is about making sound decisions that helps the local community. They support our team as we are part of this community.
Hillerød Pava CenterHillerød Pava Center is supporting our team and have bought a spot for their logo on the car. Look out for the front part of our roof rack.
HefaistosHefaistos has kindly provided us with a brand new generator for the Micra. The generator will need to perform 110 percent during our travels! We hope it handles well!
CC AutoA big thanks to CC Auto who supports and sponsors this team. The firm has been a huge help getting our little Nissan Micra ready for the Rally.
JTP BlikkenslageriJTP Blikkenslageri has 40 years of experience in the plumber business. Their logo will sit at the back of our roof rack.
Aktiv BygAktivbyg & Anlæg has many years in the construction bussiness, now they support our trip to Mongolia. Yeeha.
Nymand VVSNymand VVS & dykkerservice offers a unique range of services. They have many years of experience in fields such as welding under water.
DK IsolationDo you want better insulation in your house? DK Isolation makes use of innovative methods for isolation. Take a look at their webpage
Loke CyklerLoke Cykler is a competitive dealer of bicycles in the heart of Copenhagen (Nørrebro). They also have a webshop, check it out.
Ælling ElÆlling El is a small firm doing different kinds of electrical installations. It is based in Lyngby but operates in the entire Copenhagen metropolitan area.