During the 10 years that the Mongolian Rally has been running, at least 4.7 million £ (~42 mio. dkk!!) have been donated to the main charities. On top of that many teams have donated to secondary charities. Our team is committed to donate at least 1000 £ for the main charity but more is better.

This year the Mongolian Rally is raising money for the Cool Earth Charity and the goal is to save every rainforest in the world for future generations. Estimates are that we are losing some 80.000 acres of rainforest every day, that is around 324 km2 or roughly the size of the city of Odense – every day!

Cool Earth

Specifically the money donated to Cool Earth will go to a rainforest preservation project in central Peru. The goal is to help the indigenous people keep control of their own forest by building better incomes, schools, clinics etc. I (Andreas red.) have visited Peru during the summer of 2013 and witnessed the destruction of the rainforest at first hand. Surprisingly Peru is the third largest rainforest nation in the world. Unfortunately the forest is gradually being destroyed due to the need of the Peruvian government to expand the economy at all costs, which means exploiting the natural resources in the rainforest. This is done without taking much care for the environmental or humanitarian consequences.