Drive, Eat, Sleep – repeat

Rally Day 30 – 33

Day 30


Wheel alignment

We felt slightly better in our stomachs when we left our lovely luxury hotel in Osh. The day before we had noticed our front wheels had worn down a lot quite quickly, which according to the Chief Mechanic Christian was an alignment issue with the wheels. We went around in Osh for a while asking locals if they knew of a shop that had the proper equipment to fix this issue and after a while we managed to find a decent place. The equipment to measure the alignment is usually quite expensive, think hundreds of thousand kroners, but all seemed okay. We also had a flat on a tire which was fixed and the best thing is that we only had to hand out 50 kroner for all of it.




Another mountain range

We started to drive through the central mountain range in Kyrgistan, up and down it went all day long. Again our Micra was taken to the limits but made it through at the end. We went through a so called “tunnel of death” which is basically a one lane tunnel with next to no lights, but there are two lanes of traffic in it so cars are almost touching side mirrors when passing each other.


At some point going downhill we found ourselves surrounded by a herd of sheep, they were being guided by a few guys on horses and a dog. The freeway roads are for cars and animals alike in the mountains.



There was a small lake after the mountain descent and we flew our drone around and had some fun.

At the end of the day we found a small guesthouse to stay at and played dice with Team Raven Shoe. We played the good old “Meyer” game and our friends seemed to enjoy it.


 Day 31



Our target for the day was to reach Bishkek the capital of Kyrgistan at the northern part of the country. Generally the roads in Kyrgistan are the best we have experienced for a while, so doing the 300 or something km was a breeze. Along the way we saw a lot of Yurts, which is the tent of the nomads.

IMG_8468 IMG_8550

At the end of day we reached Bishkek and found a suitable hotel, ate dinner and went straight to bed. Just another day in the Mongol rally.

 Day 32


Almaty in Kazakhstan

After having crossed a million borders already we felt quite relaxed when entering the Kyrgistan – Kazakhstan border zone. All in all it took us a little less than two hours and no major issues, well except the Kazakh custom guards thought we were all gay since no women were travelling with us…

Almaty is a major city in the south of Kazakhstan and at one point was the capital of the country. Kazakhstan is as big as Western Europe but only 17 million people live there. On the way to the city we met some friendly local people who gave us advice on which roads to take and so on. Almaty proved to be a traffic nightmare and as often before the hotels were total shit but we survived it and got some sleep etc.


 Day 33


Small Grand Canyon

There is not much to see in Kazakhstan except the beautiful nature and some old Soviet facilities. We decided to do a detour to a famous canyon that would cost us a day in travel, it wasn’t part of our original itinerary but Team Raven Shoe got us convinced. It turned out to be absolutely stunning but not quite as breathtaking as Grand Canyon in United States.


IMG_8706 IMG_8785


– Team No Khan Do

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