Final days to the finish line

Rally Day 42 – 46

 Day 42



The first half of the day saw us cruising at good speed towards Altai in south-western Mongolia. The corrugations in the dirt tracks (small bumps) were okay and when you drive at a certain speed you almost can’t feel them. This means that sometimes it is better to drive faster on the dirt tracks to avoid the bumpy feeling but on the other hand you are more at risk if there is a hole or a big stone in the middle of the road.

The biggest event this day happened early in the afternoon when the rear axle on our car snapped. We went over a bump and heard a loud cracking noise and immediately Christian turned pale and started swearing “Oh shit! Fuck”. We were still 50 km from Altai and a proper repair shop and our left back wheel was hanging loose.


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Stories from the East

Rally Day 37 – 41

Day 37


Godlike roads

Driving in Russia feels almost like home, the asphalt is smooth with almost no potholes, there are white markings and respectable speed limits. Of course the local drivers are maniacs doing crazy overtakes and you see your life flash before your eyes a few times a day, but still it is quite good. To drive from Kazakhstan to Mongolia you have to first drive north-east for 300 km before you can turn south as there is no direct route. Basically we drove in “the wrong” direction for half the day before the road turned south and we reached a city called Biysk.


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