Eastern Turkey

Rally Day 10 – 11

Day 10


Past Ankara

This day was fairly uninteresting as we drove 720 km from Safranbolu to Erzincan in easern Turkey. It was very hot but the roads were for the most part okay. Our lowest elevation was around 1 km and the highest a bit more than 2 km. We walked around a bit in Erzincan in the evening but nothing much to see.


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Leaving Europe

Rally Day 7 – 9

 Day 7


Sunflower country

After waking up after a late party in Vama Veche and chilling out a bit, we set off towards the Bulgarian border around noon. Some teams had experienced 2 hours delays getting across the border but we were fortunate to only use 10 minutes or so. Bulgaria turned out to be really beautiful with great roads and more skilled drivers than in Romania. There were unbelievable many sunflower fields all over the place, most of them a pretty yellow.


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Rally Day 5 – 6

 Day 5


Drive to Romania

Going to bed and waking up in the morning at the “Not quite Balaton lake” was great, we had the camp site almost to ourselves. Actually that’s not entirely true because we were joined by a swarm of mosquitoes… Night scenery at the lake:


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Czech Out Party

Rally Day 3 – 4

 Day 3


Gone fishing

We decided to take it slow on the morning of the third day. As we were camping next to a small river, Christian went fishing in the morning but didn’t catch anything. Bringing a fishing rod to Mongolia is a bit of a joke but at least it has been used now.


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Rally launch

Rally Day 1 – 2

 Day 1


Launch at London

The Ferrari got a few scratches when going up the launch ramp, as did several other cars. One unlucky team even lost their exhaust pipes while going up the ramp, we have no idea if they made it out of London afterwards. After watching the spectacular launch show we went up the ramp ourselves in the overloaded Micra. Needless to say both the sump guard and the exhaust pipe scraped the ramp…


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Pre-Rally stage

We know you guys like pictures so we have a couple of good ones from the last few days.

The start of the Mongol Rally 2014 is on Sunday the 20th of July in London, but cars have to register at the 19th. To get to the start line we decided to take the ferry from Esbjerg to Harwich as we didn’t feel the need to drive 1200 km through Europe before the Rally had even started. We set off Wednesday morning after a solid breakfast and soon we were on our way. Ehm actually first we needed fuel (after driving 500 meters…)


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Pre-Rally stress

Let me start this post with a fitting quote:

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.
– Leonard Bernstein

There are about two and a half weeks left until the Mongolian Rally starts, and we seem to have run out of time. Christian and I started the preparation for our adventure back in late 2013 as naive young men, but we have since grown wiser and are starting to feel the pressure.

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